Product page optimization increased conversion by 41% for Kitchen & Dining brand

Brand Overview:

The brand offers a vast assortment of utensils and kitchen gadgets for people who treat cooking as an art and not just some routine task. The product’s longevity and ergonomic qualities have helped this brand win its portion of the competitive niche. The brand offers products from serving sets to cooking utensils.

The Issues:

Even though the quality of the product was not an issue, the brand struggled to deal with high competition. They thought they could better convey the product benefits to the customer through the content. And they felt like it was time to push for more market share but needed help with a vision and strategy.

Because the brand uses premium materials and custom design based on years of research and development, the product cost of produce was slightly higher than other brands’ products leading to the final price of our brand being somewhat higher than that of competitors.

How Sales Bite resolved this?

It was agreed with the client that the current images and visual assets needed to be updated. They didn’t fully demonstrate the product’s properties and qualities which is a significant factor for success. We organized a photo shoot for multiple products with models in lifestyle settings.

During the photoshoot and process of image transformation into graphic assets, our team began updating product pages’ text, specifically titles, bullets, and a+ copy. We also worked on backend search terms and updated alt text in images for all products.

Team Sales Bite conducted a deep niche analysis as well.

We studied our main competitors for images, product descriptions, and reviews. We utilized the findings to outline the benefits of our brands’ products against competitors in graphic assets and descriptions.

 Then, we uploaded new main images, infographics, and A+ content, which turned the tables in the brand’s favor. The new main images made the product stand out from the competitors, and the graphic assets informed a shopper of its benefits and why it was worth the investment.

In the end, we did minor campaign setup optimization. We found the previous structure primarily solid, with a few exemptions. So we decided to save clients’ ad budgets by keeping what’s already working and implementing it into our setup and not spending on unnecessary new research.

We also set a series of coupons and lightning deals to boost the product’s ranking.


Shortly after we updated the product pages with the new images and copywriting, the first lighting deals began. We continued monitoring advertising and product performance. After only a few weeks, we could already see the numbers significantly improved. Thanks to the better images, our CTR and CVR increased significantly. The updated text helped with keyword ranking, and our organic exposure grew significantly.

Simply, our shoppers were finding the products more attractive than before, and Amazon’s algorithm rewarded us for improving customer experience by allowing us to rank higher in search results. You can see how the KPIs for products have changed after optimization.

In some cases, conversion for products improved by up to 60% making it a 41% improvement on average for all products we worked with. It was a significant improvement that yet again proves that selling on Amazon knows no bounds with knowledgeable optimization.

After improving performance, the brand is now confident in launching more products and expanding to new marketplaces, which we at Sales Bite will continue to assist with.

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Dima Nesmiianov

Dima Nesmiianov

Amazon PPC Advertising | Amazon Marketing | Founder at Sales Bite agency

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