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Brand Overview:
The pet brand offers a wide variety of items for people with furry fellows, from toys and pet utensils to vitamins. The brand pays great attention to its products’ quality, which is why it has won customers over a shorter span outside of Amazon, and now its goal is to become a top seller in the niche at Amazon.

The Issues:
Being in a pet niche is a challenging game, but our team was there to help. The brand struggled with improving product ranking and maintaining top positions for best-selling items. Also, the brand faced other common issues regarding listing optimization and ad campaign structure.

The brand wanted to push for Amazon’s Choice products holding positions (5-10) for the most important keywords. But it seemed like competitors always won top placements for all high search volume keywords.

How Sales Bite resolved this?
We conducted in-depth research on top competitors’ products with our toolset, which allows us to get a laser-cut view of any niche. See what they do to rank, discover potential keywords, and find potential growth spots.
We segmented all relevant and highest search volume keywords and put each one of them into its dedicated campaign. Using the data gathered from competitors’ analysis, we launched 30+ campaigns, each with its purposes like ranking, brand defense or category targeting, and more.

To make our strategy work, we did the following:

  • Made sure our visual content was optimized for conversions.
  • Executed regular Deals and added Coupons.
  • Insured that most traffic goes to the Top Of the Search when it converts.
  • Expanded the PPC setup with new relevant keywords and product targets.
  • Reguraliry optimized bids and budgets to maintain growth and profitability.

Using Virtual Bundles and Storefronts to increase AOV (Average Order Value)
Amazon sellers know that CPCs are rising yearly, so your economics must make sense. A common way we would work with rising CPCs is bid optimization. Still, another good strategy is increasing AOV by making it easier for the customer to purchase multiple of your brands’ products, and that’s exactly what we did with this brand.

After analyzing the reports, we determined the most popular product combinations and created virtual bundles for them, a feature available to brand-registered sellers. Also, the brand had a storefront but hasn’t updated it in a while. Our team added new pages and sections to make navigation easier and ensured all available products were there. Shortly after that, we could see the storefront performance improvement.

Two months later, the brand received Amazon’s Choice for most of the products we started working with. The newer launched products were able to move up significantly in keyword rank. If we recall the total revenue, it increased by 31% since we started getting high-converting traffic from top placements. The number of keywords ranked in the top 10 for every product increased by 6 times on average.

With the increased sales due to keyword ranking and boost in AOV, the brand continued investing in Amazon Advertising and visual brand assets to raise awareness and attract new customers.

We aim to spend the brand’s budget wisely to increase its RoI. If you feel like our service corresponds with your requirement, book your FREE AUDIT call.

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Mouad Errafik

Mouad Errafik

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