Boosting Ad Efficiency for a Toys and Games Amazon Brand

Brand Overview:

The brand we are discussing offers a wide range of toys that covers various age groups and themes. The dedicated approach of this brand focuses beyond the design and puts great effort into its quality, efficiency, and functionality. That’s why they were able to win the favor of thousands of families across the country.

The Issues:

The brand was having issues scaling Amazon ads across several dozen variations. Selling products for different age groups, themes, and genders, they found it hard to scale and maintain the ad campaigns in which they had already invested a lot with little return on investment and not having a clear strategy for each product.

How Sales Bite Resolved this?

After we partnered with this brand, their challenges became ours. We started with a simple standard analysis of products and existing ad campaigns to determine best-selling items and develop the most efficient advertising strategy based on historical data.

Their product line was complicated; we sorted the top sellers for each product variation. We made dedicated Sponsored Products campaigns for each top-selling variation. Also, we executed Sponsored Brands campaigns; for them, we designed unique creatives for each variation, so our ads could better reflect customer search queries.

By selecting best-selling products that were moving the entire account and picking proven and potential winning targets using previous data, we could drive high-quality traffic to our product pages. We ensured the best customer experience by implementing brand defense campaigns and took advantage of brands’ many variations so the customer was not distracted by competitors. This strategy solved the previous messy campaign variations setup, allowing us to monitor the performance of each variation better and easily optimize and scale it. The best thing is we increased ROAS to 07.55 after 1.5 months!

Strategy Context:

Often we see brands that managed to scale to a decent size but suffer from a lack of straightforward PPC setup and ignore key product metrics. You can sabotage your operation by not having a vision and strategy for each product, especially when working with many variations.

That’s why when we come in, we make sure that we get control of everything that is going on in the account and understand how we can influence things.

It’s essential to build a transparent reporting system for every product so we can track and measure the impact of our new campaigns and regular bid optimization and continue making decisions based on this data and the brand’s business goals.

We have helped dozens of Amazon brands with our vast knowledge of Amazon PPC and product page optimization. We aim to spend the brand’s budget wisely to increase its RoI. If you feel like our service corresponds with your requirement, book your FREE AUDIT call.

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Dima Nesmiianov

Dima Nesmiianov

Amazon PPC Advertising | Amazon Marketing | Founder at Sales Bite agency

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